Website Copy

Go Beyond SEO for Real Results

Go ahead and optimize your website. We recommend it. Do everything you can to get the mighty Google and Bing and Yahoo search engines to find you and deliver potential clients to your website. It may cost a bit, but delivering leads to your site is important. Just don’t spend your entire marketing budget on optimization. Here’s why:

First, Google changes its search algorithm about as often as Stephen King releases new fiction (pretty darn often!). Unless you keep up with the changes, your search engine rankings could slip, dropping your site from the coveted first page of results.

Second — and more important to consider — is that while you pay for optimization to compel the Google-bots to find you, there are humans that ultimately click on your url and read your content. If the writing is soulless and the message is convoluted, your potential clients will click away in seconds, never to return.

Show Them You Mean Business

Your website copy must work like your finest salesperson. The words need to grab your attention, excite you about possibilities and compel the people in your target market to pick up the phone and talk about business.

Great website copy includes:

  • a captivating home page that keeps eyes on your site
  • an “About” page that tells your story
  • a “Services” page that details what and why you do what you do
  • irresistible calls-to-action that compel people contact you
  • landing pages that target a particular product or service and allow you to capture potential clients’ contact information with an opt-in form
  • blogs that educate and inform in a conversational style that keeps readers coming back
  • original articles that are search-engine-friendly and improve your website ranking (that’s right —fresh, targeted and sharable content can improve your search engine results!)
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