Email Marketing Newsletters

Timely Communication With Your Customers

Google. Facebook. YouTube. Tumblr. These are some of the most popular websites in the world, boasting millions of daily visits. But there is only one destination all of your customers arrive at every day without fail: their email inboxes.

Email marketing may be older than social media, but it still packs a powerful punch and should be the centerpiece of every digital marketing plan. Whether you’re planning a lead nurturing (aka “drip”) campaign or sending a monthly newsletter, email marketing is one of the most affordable, most effective ways to connect with your potential and existing customers.

Why Hire a Pro?

Businesses of all sizes rely on Tannuzzo Copywriting to deliver quality content that customers love to read. If you’ve had trouble keeping up with your blog, you may have had the same experience with your newsletter. You send out one that you’re proud of and before you know it, it’s time for another. There’s a reason why so many company newsletters stall: you don’t have time. When you hire Tannuzzo Copywriting, you’ll have a professionally written newsletter and the peace of mind knowing that your customers are receiving quality content that represents your brand’s high standards.

Choose Your Favorite Email Platform

Already have an account with MailChimp, Constant Contact, Vertical Response or another company? No problem. Steve has worked with numerous email marketing companies over the years and will gladly work with your preferred platform so you can avoid the hassle of setting up another account.

Track Your Results and Deliver Smarter Content

Steve delivers periodic reports based on the tracking available on most email platforms. You’ll find out what works and what needs retooling, all based on how your clients read and react to articles and links. Your email may have the same template every month, but it evolves and gets smarter as we learn your clients’ preferences. 

Send goal-specific email newsletters and lead nurturing campaigns. Call Tannuzzo Copywriting at 781-290-7466 or fill out our contact form.