July 20, 2014

Why You Must Tell the Story of Your Business

Use Your Brand Story to Attract New Clients

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When I ask entrepreneurs to tell me the story of their business, they sometimes become dismissive: Why does it matter? What’s the point? It may be true that no one cares about their personal story. But it’s not really about them. It’s about the customer.

Confused? How do you tell your brand story and make it about your customers?

Easy. When we talk about the story of the brand we’re talking about their story, not the story of how you started your business. The brand story tells us why the business exists, how customers will benefit and why they should choose it over the competition. It talks about customer experiences in similar businesses and their frustrations. Providing a cure for your customers’ “pain points” will only strengthen your brand’s message.

We ask questions like:

  • What is/are your target market(s)? 
  • What is your unique selling proposition?
  • What is “broken” in your industry and what solutions does your business offer?
  • What will change about the way people will feel about your business versus your competition?
  • What makes your story original and compelling? 

That’s just for starters, but you get the idea. It’s your business. You created it. But without your customers, you have nothing. That’s why, ultimately, your brand story is about the customers and their experiences.

This is where the storytelling comes in. Let’s say you own a local organic produce market. Your brand story is not about selling fruits and vegetables. It’s about supporting local farmers who rely on your customers to make a living. It’s about supplying families with toxin-free, pesticide-free foods that may decrease the chance of having your kids contract various diseases and conditions. Parents want the best for their families. When they read these stories, your business transforms into something greater than a place to buy apples and celery. It becomes less about commerce and more about community. Best of all, you become a vital part of that community, doing good deeds that help people live better lives. 

This is true for any business. You could be:

  • an auto mechanic who saves lives with thorough inspections and advice for people taking long road trips in older vehicles. 
  • a mortgage broker who specializes in working with and advising recently divorced women who need to sell their former homes and buy new ones
  • a business coach who helps people transform their businesses so that they can enjoy their lives
  • a local bar or night club with a fun, inviting atmosphere for adults to forget their worries and de-stress for an evening

Tannuzzo Copywriting home Your story should be evident on every page of your site — not just your “About” page. It’s the way you position yourself that gets your customers to make a decision. It says, “This is why I am different from my competition and this is why you should choose my business over theirs.” If your website is simply a list of services that can apply to any of your competitors, then you’re just another fish in the sea.

The compelling story of your business may be the reason a consumer finally stops searching through websites and decides to pick up the phone or visit your store. Need help telling your story? Get in touch.

What’s your company’s story? Share it in the comments below.