Advertising Copy

Writing That Matches Your Passion for Your Product

You have a product or service you want to promote. You have spent weeks, months, or even years researching, developing and perfecting it. You want to tell the world about it and now you’re ready to work on your first ad campaign. You call Tannuzzo Copywriting and we meet in person, by phone or by video conference.

I want to understand what you’re offering and why. What does your product or service do to change or elevate the industry standard? Why is it special and why should people buy it? Once I understand this at the core level — so that I have the same passion for it as you — I’m ready to get to work.

Know Your Audience — And Tell Me About Them

What is the demographic you’re trying to reach? Their age, location, education and income level are a good start. I want to know as much as you can tell me about your customers. If you need help identifying your typical clients’ needs and buying habits, I can create buyer personas which help you (and me) think like your customers. With those people in mind, we’ll create an ad directed right at them to give you the best chance to compel them to buy.

Ready to Get Started?

My job is to pare down pages of notes and craft them into a polished and sparkling ad that you’ll be excited to present. Call me at 781-290-7466 to discuss any of the following services:

  • company naming
  • product naming
  • radio ad copy
  • television scripts
  • YouTube video scripts
  • print advertising
  • digital marketing ads
Create original ads that tell your story. Call Tannuzzo Copywriting at 781-290-7466 or email us.