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How Inbound Links Build Your Site’s Search Engine Reputation

I am in the content business, not the website coding business. My blog posts on this site rarely address elements at the back end of a website. However, any small business owner who hopes to gain business via the Internet … Read More

Copywriting vs. Content Marketing: What’s the Difference?

What exactly do these terms mean? If you’re using them incorrectly, it could come at cost to your loyal customers and your bottom line.Read More

The 6 Panels of a Perfect Brochure

Let’s look at the elements that go into writing a traditional, six-panel tri-fold brochure. We’ll assume you’re working with a talented graphic designer and printer that, along with strategic marketing copy, will transform an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper into a brand-strengthening, deal-closing secret weapon.Read More

Shorter Sentences. Bigger ROI.

Writer A: Those of a certain mind who believe that writing endlessly long, phrase-heavy, clause-jammed sentences chock-full of adjectives, prepositions, metaphors and—of course—adverbs, are doomed to fail miserably, because they simply don’t see that while grammatically correct, these bloated sentences are … Read More

5 Classic Ad Copy Strategies That Never Fail

According to the cliché, the more things change, the more they remain the same. It’s true, at least in the world of advertising. Check out these five evergreen strategies that make the point that advertising copy principles are evolutionary, not revolutionary.Read More

What’s Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)?

What is a USP and Why Do I Need One?

To gain a competitive advantage in marketing your business, experts recommend that you have a unique selling proposition, or USP for short.

A USP is not to be confused with … Read More

Five Reasons To Follow Apple’s Marketing Strategy

Disclaimer: I love Apple and their products. I own a MacBook Pro, a 24″ Cinema Display, an iPod Touch and several iPod Shuffles that reside in various drawers in my apartment. I surf the Web wirelessly with my Apple Airport … Read More

Creating Your Editorial Calendar

Last week’s blog post explained why you need an editorial calendar. This week we’ll put the calendar into action, specifically for blogging.

Before setting your calendar, you should create a list of topics to cover throughout the year. There are … Read More